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Best Aviation Weather radar app for Europe & Mid East

Anyone know of any good aviation weather radar iPad apps for Europe and the Middle East?
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Best ebook app for iPad

Hey everyone, I'm a newbie here and I need some help if anyone can recommend me a good ebook apps for my 6 yr. old son..thanks
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good day, please is there any ipad with micro sim card slot? and can i change the one i already bought without a sim card slot to the one that has sim card slot....

Car Charger/FM Transmitter

I am looking for a car charger/FM transmitter for my iPad. With so many different brands out there it is hard for me to discern which one is the right one. Any...
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Can I use Remote Desktop on iPad?

Is there is any app that I can use to Remote Desktop to any of my windows comps? Video would be nice

Can you provide an example of how to use Quality Center?

My company is about to invest in HP QC (Quality Center). Could you please provide an example on how to use it. Very basic one will work.

How do I kick off process in screen without attaching?

I tried BASH code: screen -dmS name command But it kicks me out when done. Anybody knows how to leave it active on completion?
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order `show processlist` in mysql and other tricks

I wanted to order `show processlist` by Time, limit to few, in short - use all mighty use mysql! I found out that 5.1.7+ versions of MySQL support the process l...

SQL SELECT INTO Statement when columns are not same name

Table A has a, b and c fields Table B has d, e and f fields How I do it? Anybody?
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What is a test case?



Everybody has different opinion about what is software test case is. But I'm looking for clear definition?
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What can I afford to pay when I buy a house?



I'm a first-time home buyer. When researching houses, how do I determine what price range I can afford to pay and how good does my credit have to be?
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What Is a home inspection?



Keep hearing about it
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How much should I offer on a house that I want to buy?

How do I know how much is too little vs too much?
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