Ceco Gakovic

As a founder, CTO, BoD member and Advisor, Ceco Gakovic has been part of many successful San Francisco internet and mobile startups. Ceco an...
San Francisco, California

Which bluetooth keyboard, Apple or...?

I am in the process of buying an Ipad and wondering if I should just use the Apple wireless keyboard I already have or upgrade to one of those f...

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How to get to top of google search?

Is there some simple recept to follow?

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order `show processlist` in mysql and other tricks

I wanted to order show processlist by Time limit to few in short - use all mighty use mysql! I found out that 5.1.7 versions of MySQL suppor...

How to decompress .tar.bz2 file

tar xvyf file.tar.bz2 tar Unrecognized archive format Inappropriate file type or format tar Error exit delayed from previous errors.


What is Load testing?

Could you please provide a quick definition of what Load testing means?

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Re: Best alarm watch

I nominate Lumonix 1881 BO with chronograph alarm. These are reasons: - Lumonix watches in general areknown to have loudest alarm for wrist watc...